Saturday, July 28, 2012


Its 1:12AM already, and im still wide awake.
Haih cuak cuak cuak esok paper start kul 8. Kul 8 tu paper writing. 
Mmg nice la, pepagi dah writing.
Mengantuk + blur = Apa pon tak boleh
Td dah buat revision sikit, especially on writing & reading since these two paper markah paling tggi 
Masa buat revision td bukan main lagi mata dok sepet-sepet konon mengantuk, sekali dah tutup buku amboi segar bugar. Selalu mcm tu kan ? Teruk btul mata ni. Eh salahkan mata ?

Okay la, i think i should sleep now. 
Mengantuk tak mengantuk, buat2 tdo jela. Berangan ke kan ? haha
Goodnight world. Wish me luck fr tomorrow !

Oh wait ! I hope its not too late for meeee to wish all of you SALAM RAMADHAN.
Please be good to urself, to other ppl & get closer to Allah during this month :')

Thats all for tonight. hihi. byep 
Thanks fr reading , Leeyazliyah

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